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By Safiyyah Lanier February 12, 2010

Link BuildingThere are multiple reasons you could develop a website — it could be for business or personal purposes. So whether you’re looking to sell products, advertise services or create a social site that brings in revenue, you’ll need to increase website traffic. In order to do this, you’ll need to implement techniques that will help increase link building within your site. With link building, your website will connect with other sites that will help to bring in their traffic to your site — this means more visitors and potential profits.

Use Social Media Websites to Your Advantage

Just about everyone is a part of a social media website, such as Digg, Yahoo Buzz and Reddit. To quickly build links for your website, you’ll need to get on the front page of social media websites like Digg, Reddit, and Yahoo Buzz. There are plenty of social sites that you can use to gain visibility and increased traffic. The key is with your headline — if it is eye-catching, you should have no problem drawing in visitors. But in order for you to create an engaging headline, you need to know exactly who your audience is. Keep in mind that each social media site has different types of audiences — for instance on Myspace, your headline may need a different approach than your headline for Fark. Carefully study the demographic of these sites to ensure that you’re drawing in the right crowd.

Also, make sure to choose the keywords in your headline accordingly. Also, many headlines on sites like Digg require you to create a short description — this too should be carefully thought out and written. Many people look at just those two factors to determine whether your site is worth visiting. Some post the first paragraph of their web page for the description as a teaser, but you can create a specialized description if you want. If you decide to make a unique description, make sure to include keywords and make it appealing for the audience it is intended for. Also, make sure to create another username when submitting your content to social media sites because using your own name is usually frowned upon.

Building Links Naturally

It’s almost a given that family and friends will become members of your website or blog. You’d be surprised at how quickly the traffic to your site can build with networking. After adding your friends and family, you can have them recommend your site to people they know as well; then the chain continues. Soon you have second cousins and all of their friends reading your blog or browsing your site. If you have an account with Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or any other social networking site, post up your website link on there as well.

Gain Popularity with a Blog

Adding a blog to your site not only looks good to your visitors, but to Google as well. In fact, Google is in love with blogs. If you can keep your blog up to date with fresh content and include internal links, your Google search rankings will blow the roof. Having a blog is the easiest and quickest way to add new content to your website. When you get high Google ratings, your site will be placed higher on the search engine’s list when your keywords are entered into their system. This means more visibility and traffic for you. Maintaining a blog is simple with different platforms, such as WordPress and b2evolution. It’s a good idea to add one or more unique posts to your blog on a daily basis.

Link Up with Local Organizations

Consider joining your city’s chamber of commerce. This will give you the opportunity to network with other businesses and create links back to your website. Depending on the type of business you’re running will determine how well you will increase lead generation — you can enhance your chances by networking with other people and businesses in your city.

Non-Profit Organizations can be Profitable

There are tons of non-profit organizations in every city in every state in the U.S. Get to know some of them and see how you can help them out. If you’re good with building websites, offer to create one free of charge. Or if you have other talents they can possibly use, offer them in exchange for placing links on their websites.

Spread the Word with News Sites

Create relationships with news writers that can write a story about you and your business. It would be best to get connected with a writer that works for an online newspaper because they offer more exposure. You can also place link backs on your story or somewhere on the news site.

Link In…Link Out

You’re doing a lot of linking in, but how about linking out? With this technique, you are placing links to other relevant blogs within your site/blog. A lot of bloggers take note of who is placing their website links on sites and are likely to return link love. Sites like Technorati are especially known for showing gratitude to sites that post up their links. Now, this will take more than just¬† posting up a link anywhere in your blog. You will need to make a good headline and actually talk about the topic surrounding the link that you will be posting.

Using Emails for Networking

Create an email message that will grab readers’ attention. The content of your email should be juicy and flow easily, ensuring that majority of readers will read the entire letter. Your goal is to captivate, gain interest and create a need for action. These emails can be sent out to potential visitors and subscribers of your website.

Post as a Guess Blogger

Find websites and blogs that are within your niche and create posts as a guest. The purpose of creating these posts are to gain awareness of you and site — write something that is engaging and that will profile what you’re about. This will also give you an opportunity to link back to your website. It is important that the content you create is unique and very well written. Usually the back link is placed next to your byline.

Internet Directory Submissions

This is one of the top ways of link building. With this method, you are posting your blog posts and articles to business directories that are relevant to the niche of your website. You will have to fill out forms about you and your company, but take the time to do them thoroughly because the info will be used for your benefit.

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