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By DeWitt's Media Inc September 21, 2008

Building a profitable affiliate campaign can be a strategy. I my self will not lie I have over looked some things that I really should of been focusing in on such as the content network. A lot of affiliates will just disable it and never even bother to test the content network. Guess what though? You can make a lot of money through the content network, in certain niches, speaking you have your keywords targeted properly and have excluded negative sites that drive no conversions.

About 2 months ago I had a niche that I meant to turn the search network on for it, but I accidentally turned the content network on well I came back a ~few hours later and seen it was getting cheap clicks and converting very high (At this time I noticed it was the Content Network). As I was setting there I was thinking why not test the content network well I left the content network on. I checked back on it periodically over the course of a week and it was profiting every day. Over the course of 2 weeks it made around ~$1,200. After we got 2 weeks into the campaign and after collecting enough data I did some modifications (excluding bad sites) and now it is making around ~$1,000 to ~$1,500 a week for the last ~45 days.

Now imagine all the niches you could be missing out on that are probably making anywhere from $200 to $2,000 if not more a week? You should always test the content network.  By you testing the content network this will allow you to test your search network with out losing a bunch of money. For example, lets say your content network is making $1,000 a week and lets say your search network has not hit a profit state yet, but you know there is a ton of money to be made in the search network because you see other affiliates promoting the same offers.

Well set your daily bids for your search network at $71.42 therefore this will come out to around $500 a week. Then once you get the search network ad and landing page converting you can take off your daily max bids. If you practice this strategy this will allow you to test more efficiently with out losing money right off the bat. I wouldn’t consider it losing money, but at least you have a channel that is profiting that can cover the search cost until you get it profiting.

Just test, test, and test then find out what works for you.  I see affiliates all the time saying they don’ t test the content network. If you ask me their making a huge mistake by not doing that, but what I have noticed from the people that are testing the content network are super affiliates :). The reason I say they are super affiliates is becuase I have paid close attention to certain advertisers out there and you can really tell who is maximizing their affiliate campaigns to the fullest, so in other words people that give it all the effort.


Tyler DeWitt CEO of DeWitt’s Media

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