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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 10, 2008

I was just setting here a few minutes ago thinking about what to write and actually earlier I was doing the same thing. Then I got to thinking to my self am I being stubborn because I think sometimes my stubbornness rubs off into the wrong areas, but then I was like no that’s not the problem the problem was I wasn’t being open with my blog.

Writing requires you to be open and share your true thoughts. Which of course we all have different views on what being open minded actually means, but when your building a blog its something that requires a lot of attention, maintenance, self-dedication, motivation, and you name it, but most important of all it requires you to be open with what your doing.

So in other words blog about things that people will want to hear about. For example don’t you like talking with someone when there more honest with you I mean why wouldn’t you or. Another example would be – have ever known someone that you wanted to know more on a personal bases or wanted to learn more about there professional life?

You must be able to open and communicate with your readers, make them feel attached to what your saying and most generally that comes with you being open to every one by writing it down. I think a lot of people struggle with blogs such as getting them going because there not an easy task to get going of course, but then again there’s some people that can just jump right into them and build them up, but most generally these are people that are very passionate about what there blogging about and are completely honest about what there blogging about.

That right there is what will get you far in the web 2.0 sphere is being honest when you write or at least being more open if you get my drift. When you learn to develop this type of behavior you will find out it will be so much easier to write because your actually writing what your thinking and is happening. I’m not saying you have to blog about your personal life all the time which it wouldn’t hurt every once and awhile to let your readers know who you are of course, but on a professional level what I’m trying to say is that you should try to stay more open at the same time.

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