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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 28, 2010

Twitter is powerful marketing tool speaking you’re able to build subscribers successfully. The problem is a lot of people go out and start following everyone and anybody. That is great and you should follow people of course. However, do not forget that it’s essential you build followers to your twitter account that are actually paying attention to what you tweet. You do not want a bunch of unknown followers that could care less about what you have been tweeting.

How To Build A Connected Base of Followers Through Twitter

The idea behind building a connected base of followers is to advertise with credibility. When using credibility in your marketing, you are able to build that strong impression. Your name will be remembered upon your followers vs just looking like another average tweet. People pay attention to things they find important or valuable. That’s just human nature, we all do that, we are seeking out valuable resources for us to learn from.

You can use channels such as Google AdWords, Media Buying, Yahoo, and etc to promote your credibility. Once you have found a channel to advertise through, use an effective landing page. Use a landing page that explains who you are, what you do, and etc. Your landing page should be effective as possible from a credibility stand point.

You could share personal experiences such as success stories on this landing page. Or you could follow up with your consumers / clients and have them provide you with a report. Either or will do, just depends on what you do and the market you are currently in. In addition to sharing reviews or personal experiences, you could include membership logos, previous education, experience, and etc. Anything that improves your image be sure to advertise it around your name and / or brand.

You can also use strategies outside of paid traffic. Why not try contributing to other blogs or participating in forums more often. I would then link into a landing page that includes your follow me button or link. This takes a bit more work on your end. However, if your able to build a connected base of followers it’s well worth the effort.

The idea behind this is to advertise in such way that will create a strong impression through credibility. You are able to build a more connected base by using this strategy. It’s just really a waste of time having a bunch of followers that do not pay attention to what you tweet. You want to make sure your followers remember you and your brand. This will allow you to drive more traffic because people will be aware of who you are. They will pay attention to what you have tweeted.

How Your Connected Followers Can Be Leveraged

Once you start getting established with your idea followers. That meaning, the followers that will pay attention to what you tweet. You may now start sending out marketing signals to these followers. You could try to generate some link bait and publicity through content and etc.


I wanted to write this post up to insinuate how important it is to build the right type of followers. Don’t be one of them people that go around following every single person expecting them to follow you back. You are not building the type of followers you need to be successful with Twitter. Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool, but you have to leverage it properly.

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