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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 13, 2008

Every one out there has there own opinion(s) about what a real SEO is such as a “guru SEO”. Well I’m going to discuss what my believes are which some of you might disagree with me, but honestly if you ask me to be successful in search engine optimization you must know the real trades. I see a lot of people that “claim” to know SEO, but they have no idea of what direction to go in.

Matter fact we have a lot of companies that we deal with and they’ve have hired in house SEO’s (before contacting us), but out of all honesty when I talk to them they don’t seem to be too well coordinated with the proper sense (eg someone that has great deal of concepts and understanding of SEO / SEM). Have you ever talked with someone and you can just tell by talking with them that there not fully knowledgeable in that area?

I’m sure we all have one way or another, but then again there is people that are more knowledgeable in some areas that others aren’t. Well let share a few of my thoughts on what a real SEO is.

Major Link Resources: If they’re true SEO they will have resources to links and when I mean resources they will have unlimited supply of links just not 200,300,500, or 1000 they will have unlimited resources that means to be able to build them on on going bases if not they should be able to define a strategy to get more links (know what direction to take to get them).

Link Value: They should understand and know how to measure links if there basing links on page rank or I should say every link on page rank then they don’t fully understand how the linking works which granted links from higher page ranked website are better to a degree, but you only want to use them in the beginning stages or at least to get some juice flowing into your site.

Domain Age: A true SEO must understand how the domain age factors work. Any experienced SEO will know that older domains rank better or at least domains that have been indexed for awhile with links.

Team Assembling: If the SEO gets a large project or maybe a project that someone needs a lot of links for they must know how to assemble a team and build the strategy for there / the company.

For Example:

  • The SEO must know how to put together or at least hire a content writer for link bait.
  • The SEO must know how to hire link builders because honestly some projects can take more then one link builder, but then again the SEO could outsource or hire a broker to gain links (believe it or not I have met a lot of self proclaimed SEO’s that know nothing about hiring brokers they think they have to do it all there self).
  • The SEO must know how to provide reports such as estimated ROI reports (which yes can be hard to predict, but experience builds the charm), Linking Reports, Content Creation Reports, and ETC.

Understanding Directories: This would fall back under the category of knowing how to evaluating link value because there is a lot of SEO’s that think directories don’t carry any value any more and there wrong. The fact is there is a ton of directories out there that still carry value I can think of 100 off the top of my head right now. Google still loves directories, but yes there is some directories that have got penalized due to over linking, buying links, and things to that nature.

Branding: Which this is not a big role, but honestly a SEO should have some understanding of branding because by someone having this trait can help them build a viral site through blogs. I mean honestly blogging is almost like branding to a degree the reason being is becuase your building a character, something that makes people feel connected to your blog and etc (creativeness).

Site Structure: An SEO must understand the traits of structuring a site so it will be visible to search engines or I should say crawlable. I have had many clients call me in the pass and generally when they tell me there website I’ll peep it out of course, but I have ran into sites that have a terrible site structure such as Dynamic Url’s and etc. Then when I ask them about the site structure they tell me there prior SEO never brought anything up about it :(.

Descriptions and Titles: A real SEO will know how to produce titles and descriptions that increase CTR (Click Through Rate) because believe it or not titles, urls, and descriptions can dramatically increase your CTR along with conversions specially on long tails that are driving traffic to a precise landing page that are based around services or products.

Which granted there is a lot to SEO more then I’ve listed above. I was just trying to list some of the things I have seen in the pass and by the way we have dealt with some pretty large brands that got marketing budgets of 1 million+ a year for online marketing. We have also put clients in top 5 for some of the most competitive keywords in there particular vertical, but honestly what it takes to be a talented SEO is to know how to get links.

SEO is about Link Building, which granted along with many other things ;). So what is your definition of a real SEO?

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