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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 28, 2010

Be honest when bloggingWhat is the first strategy you use when you’re trying to get a response from someone. Chances are you will communicate a certain signal; a signal that will attain a response from someone. For example, I am sure you probably know what you need to do to attain someone’s attention that is close to you. I mean we all do whether it being our kids, family, or spouse. We know how to tap into their mind; therefore attaining our desired response.

Link bait works in similar ways, you have to find that signal. That signal that will generate publicity for your blog. Sometimes this can happen on total accident as I have seen in the past. I have seen where a blogger will write his true meaning about a person, product, or service. Next thing you know it’s generating publicity all over the internet. At the same time, this blogger, is obtaining links from all sorts of websites.

Be Honest About Your Thoughts

When trying to create link bait, be honest. That meaning, don’t candy coat what you’re writing. You should be honest when writing about that product, person, or even service.

The great thing is about being honest through your blog, it’s your blog, and no one else owns it. For example, you ever worked somewhere and you just don’t agree with certain issues or problems around work. However, if you try to opinionate on them it backfires on you. In some cases you might even lose your job because they feel as you’re not a loyal employee.

Believe me, I have worked at places like this years ago. There have been places that I worked that had suck ass management. I truly believed I could have done better at managing the restaurant in many different ways. However, most of the managers were up each other rear end half the time. Therefore it was very difficult to say what I believed about the work place as it did me no good.

Blogs on the other hand are not like this. When you’re honest, you generate publicity and controversy. Some people might agree with what you say then others don’t agree. But hey, who cares right? As long as your generating links and reviews from it.

What About Negative Reviews

If by chance you do receive negative reviews from other bloggers. Don’t take it personal, not everyone will agree with what you have to say. Just make sure you have a mixture of negativity and positivity. This is what will ignite your link bait campaigns.

You know sometimes a negative review could even be a more of a positive for you. For example, if someone writes up a negative post on you. Why not create an argument with this blogger. Especially if their blog is very popular, let them go all out on you. If this blogger by chance has a lot of subscribers. You might be generating massive amounts of links.


Everyone has their own strategy. Some bloggers might insist on just straight positive publicity. However, you should stay a lot more open minded then that. In addition, do not be worried about what others say as I stated. I know of people that want to blog, but they sit around all the time worrying about what other people will say or do. In all honesty, that defeats the whole purpose of blogging.

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