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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 9, 2008

Building channels to market through can be a task. Which of course we all know that using organic search and pay per click can be highly targeted traffic, but then again is there things you are missing? Yes I think there is I mean we all are missing certain little segments that can be exploded rather its through pay per click, organic search, or just the outside box thinking.

Marketing through search engines is a very powerful way to market, but sometimes it goes deeper then that. For example have you ever thought about building a parallel market? You can do this through all major search engines when I refer to a parallel market — what I’m trying to tell you is that you should build something that will come back to you 10 times more then what it would if you just had an average ranking with a keyword vertical.

For example why not build some link bait content and then market the content through pay per click and / or organic search, I mean it only makes sense right? If you ask me it does sometimes your content might not get seen, so therefore you should build links into that content with relevant keywords, therefore you will gain more market, but ultimately creating a viral market (link bait baby).

If done properly you can get a lot back from it people might do the following: spread it through forums, link to it, e-mail friends to tell them about it, or even submit it to social network sites such as Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, and etc. It really depends, but really what your trying to do is to just get the content to viral out there reguardless of what people are doing with it.

If you get the content to viral out there one way or another then you know you did something right specially if people are linking to it.

Always keep in mind there is several ways to market and sometimes you just got to think outside the box. If there is content you want seen and you think its going to answer a lot of question in certain market segments why not market this content through pay per click or organic search before someone else provides somewhat similar information.

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