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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 16, 2008

google-adwords.jpgI wanted to write this post up because a lot of people seem to think there just going to jump into Adwords and start profiting right off the bat. Which granted it does happen, but if you have a new account or starting a new campaign it won’t always turn out like that.

See the thing is when you create a new account your going to have to spend a lot to get it going then eventually you will break even sooner or later, but like I said you’ll have to spend maybe a good 2k if not more to break even most generally on new accounts (if not more).

Here is a list of things below you should pay attention to:

Keyword Matching Options: I can’t tell you how important this is knowing how to match your keywords is a must. Another mistake that a lot of AdWords users make is going broad at the beginning on all keywords and that is not what you want to do. What you want to do is define a well set keyword list of maybe 100-400 keywords depending on your niche and use exact match. Therefore you’ll find out what keywords are converting and what keywords need improved or just straight out deleted.

Highly Relevant Keywords with Ad Copies: You should try to create highly relevant keywords to match your Ad Copies. Some people will go in and create 75 keywords under each ad, and really there no reason for that. The idea is to have very highly targeted keywords that are relevant with your ads; therefore, you’ll have a higher CTR level which will result in lower CPC (Cost Per Click) eventually after time (keep in mind time).

A / B Testing Landing Pages and Ads: You should always A/B test your Ads, let me reiterate you should always A / B test your ADS and landing pages at least your Ads for crying out loud. A / B testing your ads periodically is a must for a successful and profiting campaign.

Bidding To Low: Don’t bid low in the beginning stages, bid high as you can or at least bid in the sweet spot. When I say the sweet spot I’m referring to positions 5-8 because they usually convert better, but then again depends on the vertical your promoting. Just keep in mind to bid high on new campaigns (so your not on page 10) and also you might lose some money if not a lot specially when your testing a new account out with a new campaign.

Separate Content Network from Search Network: Make sure you always separate your content network from your search network becuase of course the content network will convert at a lot lower level. Out of all honesty I never even use the content network (I do, but not that much).

Not Setting Geo-Targeting: You should always use Geo-Targeting specially if your only shipping to certain countries or if your promoting an affiliate offer and they only allow US conversions then you better make sure you have your ads to only run on the US Google Search Network.

Not using the Conversion Tracking tool: You should alway use the keyword conversion tool specially on your own site. Now there is a few affiliate merchants that won’t allow anyone entering there tracking codes on there site, but honestly once you become good enough you will be able to fly blind no problem, but I still wouldn’t recommended doing this unless your very experienced.

AdWords is like a black box, and you must know how to work it. If you use good sense you will be successful with using AdWords. The idea is to test, test, and test and if you can do that and have the patience then your heading in the right direction with it.

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