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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 6, 2008

Building a business online is quite simple which of course there is several channels to market through such as pay per click, SEO, contextual advertising, and you name it. There is also ways of generating sales by just having content around a certain service or your company all together, so let discuss that.

When you create content on a website it can be very valuable which granted not every piece of content you put on your website might not turn out to be a link bait, but with enough content sooner or later your going to start capturing links . The results of capturing links will be higher search engines rankings. When people find compelling content they will most generally link to it, bookmark it, show a friend, or spread it through social networks which then can turn into more links.

How should you build your content?

  1. Tips: Offering tips is a great way to build your subscriber list or even at the same time capturing more links. People love to check out websites that offer valuable tips for example if someone sees a title that says 101 ways to build a successful blog there going to check it out and you never know they might even spread it through social networks or they could even blog about it there self.
  2. Educational: Try to offer things that are educational, so in other words make sure your audience will benefit from what your writing, people love to to read stuff that will help them.
  3. Link Out: This would fall back under the category of offering educational information, so make sure you link out to other blogs that are offering valuable information therefore this will help with the awareness of your blog because when people see your linking to them they might link back and review your blog post.
  4. Use Images: Using images believe it or not will help your blog huge time it can give it more of a viral hook I mean the more creativity you use in marketing the better right? It only makes sense which granted don’t take me wrong I know of blogs that are plain English written, but have been very successful, but either way using images can surely help and make things look a lot better.

Above are just a few tips, but the idea is to keep writing and build that subscriber feed up. When you have built your subscriber list you have more leverage to work with therefore you can leverage your visitors around your products or even get them to link to certain parts of your website.

Building a blog takes time, so stay persistent and just keep writing. Out of all honesty thats where a lot of people go wrong at is they give up too soon or they quit right when there blog is starting to take off. Just give it time and try to keep everything educational, but at the same time keeping the reader in mind.

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