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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 12, 2008

chp_rocket.pngTaking traffic to the next level is something that we do and have been successful at doing. We have driven direct leads (a lot) to our clients sites that have resulted in large deals with major brands. Building traffic to a website is quite simple which don’t take me wrong it does take some practice of course, but when you find that channel and you leverage your brand through there just right you’ll get astonishing results specially on the web.

Let me discuss a few ways that you can build your traffic.

Building Links: Building links can play a major factor in search engines of course. There are many ways to build rankings through strategic link building. A good place to start would be Contextual Style you can get highly relevant links that will dramatically increase your rankings.

Pay Per Click: PPC is one of the fastest ways to get traffic, but keep in mind if you go the PPC route you will have to keep investing money into it to sustain, or at least to keep getting traffic. Pay Per Click can send some of the most highest quality traffic to your website which of course is very relevant traffic. The thing is with pay per click is that you have complete control over all your ads for each keywords then outside of that you can A / B test your landing pages and ad groups, so you can some pretty powerful leverage there plus this will give you a better idea on what you need to work on in organic search.

Buzz Marketing: Buzz marketing can be very effective if done right most generally you want to do this through blogs. You will need to start building viral content that will capture the imagination of people’s minds there on out you will have to leverage it into other segments. Just takes a lot of practice sooner or later you will start to grasp it and get it.

Build an E-mail List: Building an e-mail list can be a highly effective way of generate new leads generally when marketing through this channel online what you want to do is create a landing page then drive pay per click traffic to the landing page then persuade them into signing up, therefore this will build you a highly targeted e-mail subscriber list that you can market around your business. Once you get the e-mail list built up put your self into a viral state of mind before you send your advertisement out to all these people maybe your wanting to create link bait, sale a product, capture more e-mails, and etc. Just leverage it to your advantage.

There is several ways of generating buzz, increasing traffic, and etc. You just have to find out what works for you, once you do find out what works for you leverage it to your advantage. Leveraging is what marketing is all about honestly I mean if you can leverage your brands into different market segments then good luck, but if you can then your traffic will continue to increase for a life time therefore more sales and leads.

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