Trust Rank Vs Page Rank? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc January 19, 2009

Various people across the web get all shook up on page rank thinking that it is the key factor to getting rankings. Which granted higher PR websites generally do carry more “authority”.  Search engines take several measurements into consideration when their determining who ranks higher then other websites.

Let’s discuss a few these factors below:

Anchor Text: Yes most generally you will rank for what is in your anchor text, but does your site have the trust? If not don’t plan on ranking. More then likely you could get links from high PR sites that are new sites that have new sites linked to them, but does that mean their going to make you rank? Not necessarily.

So what do you need then? You need trust built into your site, but how can you build trust rank into your site? Get links from old sites I mean extremely old sites don’t go for anything less. Take a look at the sites below that you can get included in that will give you a head start in the search engines.

  1. Yahoo Directory: Yahoo Directory is a very valuable directory. If you haven’t submitted to Yahoo yet you should. Yahoo is one of the most important directories out there if you ask me. Check this out though when you do a paid $300 dollar submission you get links from various other Yahoo Directories such as (Australia), (Canada), and other various other sub continent Yahoo directories.All these directories carry major value. From our intense search engine research Yahoo seems to pull new sites out of the sand box, so it’s unbeatable to have a link there. Keep in mind you won’t get much “PR JUICE” from Yahoo, but what you will get is a link from a old trusted site that has millions of other trusted sites linking into it.
  2. BOTW: Best of the Web has been around since 1994 this is another valuable directory you can submit to. BOTW is right next to Yahoo when it comes to trust rank and quality. These links will pass your site some trust :).
  3. DMOZ: Dmoz is a free directory, but very hard to get into. Seems like to me here lately they have only been accepting sites that are more educational or contain a lot of content.

These are 3 major directories that every site should be listed in specially newer sites. Once again please do not ignore these sites they will help your site with trust. We have worked with sites that had zero visiblity in the search engines. They wasn’t even ranking for their brand name, but when we included them into Yahoo it pulled them right out of the sandbox.

When building links the idea is about quality and not spam. The best way to get links is through content creation, hard labor link request work, submitting to old trusted directories, and etc. Creating content is something that takes time, but is well worth the effort, so just keep in mind Trust Rank and Page Rank is two different algorithms.

Go for a turst worthy site 🙂 and become Google’s best friend.

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