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By DeWitt's Media Inc February 23, 2008

I will have discussions with many of my clients from time to time about PPC (Pay Per Click) Vs Organic Search and some of them think that PPC is a waste of money until I explain to them the power of PPC and how it can be such as fabulous marketing model to use.

PPC is a very powerful marketing tool, so is organic search, but with contextual advertising services such as Adwords, Yahoo Publisher, and MSN Ad Network you can create very fast sales over night and when I mean over night I mean literally over night if you are a PPC guru then you know exactly what I’m talking about the thing is with PPC is that it takes skill and patience to get it going its not something thats going to happen over night.

Another big factor about pay per click is spending most generally the more you spend in the beginning the better off you will be for the future the reason being for is because you need to build your CTR (Click Through Rate) rate up then you can slowly start to decrease your bids also keep in mind they’re many other factors in the pay per click game such as account history and etc.

If your someone looking to get fast traffic over night or wanting to build momentum into a website that will be used to build e-mail lists and similar things to that nature then you will definitely want to use pay per click I have seen many website and companies grow from nothing to inc 500 companies with then a quickness.

I have seen many forums launch and build very fast by using pay per click networks for example which has a user database of over 40k users was built through PPC and affiliate marketers including my self use PPC to generate revenue which I plan on promoting our affiliate websites through organic search, but right now my main focus is using PPC due to the quickness of traffic and sales that it can generate, so always keep in mind PPC is a very powerful marketing tool and don’t ever put all your eggs in one basket specially as strict as organic search engines are getting with paid links.

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