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By DeWitt's Media Inc December 7, 2010

Google PenaltiesIt’s very easy to get a site penalized today. Google is becoming a major ass (excuse my french) about how they rank sites. We have been fortunate enough to never have a client site penalized. There again, we only recommend white hat strategies. However, we do get clients that want to cross a few corners. When these conversations occur I have to tell them the importance of what their doing. Some clients completely understand then others are like totally in disagreement about social promotion. I try to insist that they should never risk cutting a few corners on their actual well branded site.

Strategies You Should Not Use on Real Brand:

  1. Link Buying: Link buying is probably one of the biggest issues Google has. Google does not like websites that buy links pure and simple. They will hit you hard for buying links. Link buying at one time was the best strategy to use. Now days you just can’t do it; nor get away with it like you use to.
  2. Reciprocal Linking: Reciprocal linking is pure junk if you ask me. I am really against reciprocal linking as most of them do not carry any value. I use to be a big fan of reciprocal linking awhile back. Reciprocal linking generally speaking is not effective at all. The reason being for is because most of the links come from low quality websites. Generally it’s a bunch of Indian’s creating link spam pages.
  3. Comment Spam: We had a partner, that had an affiliate, that was promoting comment spam. He was ranking well for some great keywords for awhile. The guy put so much effort into his site. I was thinking it’s just a matter of time before it falls out. I even told our partner company that. He ended up getting dependent on the income from this site. Well shortly after, he got booted from the search engines (including Yahoo).
  4. Selling Links: Google will even penalized your site for selling links. Selling links is against Google’s policy as well. Generally when you sale links, thy devalue your page rank. Therefore when you get your page rank devalued, you lose your trust. This can slow your traffic down quite a bit.
  5. Forum Spam: Forum spam is another strategy that will get you hit hard. Some website owners will go out and create user names and passwords for forums. They do this to get a profile; therefore listing their link in the profile.
  6. Keyword Stuffing: Keyword stuffing will get you penalized as well. Some webmaster will go through their entire site load their pages down with keywords. I find people that do this having no common sense. Your site will rank well if you capture links naturally. Keyword stuffing does not work as well as what it did 7-10 years ago.
  7. Doorway Pages: Computer generated pages, I’m sure you know what a doorway page is. The same as keyword stuffing, doorway pages use to work well. Believe it or not, at one time, you could get away with creating doorway pages for a long time. As I stated though search engines are becoming more sophisticated. They are learning to identify these type of promotion strategies right away. Doorway pages can also be pages that are just low quality affiliate sites. They are built out to redirect traffic into a merchant site.
  8. Deceptive Sites: Google will even penalize you if they think your website is deceptive. That’s why you always want to make sure you are promoting in an ethical way. Google is quick to de-index you if they think your’re fraudster.
  9. Content Duplication: Duplicating content generally will not get you penalized. It depends though on how much content is duplicated on your website.  If your website is loaded with nothing, but duplicated content. Then yea, Google will smack you hard. However, if you just have a few pages that are duplicated, they will just de-index them or they won’t rank.

If your going to to engage in any of the practices listed. Don’t do it on your actual website. I’m not encouraging you to use the listed strategies. However, your actual branded website should be treated well. If you want to do some black hat then go for it. Just make sure your using them on sites that you can throw out.  Because Google will penalize them sooner or later.

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