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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 1, 2008

Networking is very important in the web 2.0 sphere. The good thing about networking on the internet is that you have a broad reach to many people. When your stuck in one city with one business your pretty much capped on what you can do and who you know to a degree, but the internet is not like that you can meet any one and every one, so in other words the web is like a mad leverage tool (talk about major momentum).

I get clients all the time asking me how do you get the clients you do or just general SEO’s and I’m thinking to my self are you kidding me. Most generally I tell them just be good at what you do and network, network, network and build your brand like no other brand and you’ll be fine.

I mean really building a company is all about having patience and staying persistent no matter how tough it gets it will just continue to grow, now if you was working for someone else would you continue to grow through the company maybe a little bit, but not like you would if you was conducting business with your own brand.

So what are some good ways to network?

  1. Communications: <— This right here let me tell you one thing and one thing only this is the key to success is being good with people and communicating if you can communicate with people or find a way to communicate with people then your heading in a positive direction, but there again you have to stay persistent.
  2. Social Networks: This will open the communications up for you participate in blogs, forums, and other social networking sites this can help big time the best thing to do is create your own blog and start building content through the site and possibly creating discussions.
  3. E-Mail: Try to communicate with people through e-mail, so in other words just e-mail people and start a conversation up with them and let them know who you are specially if its someone you think could use your services.

Them are just a few tips to open up your mind which don’t expect to be a millionaire over night by doing the following above, but I will tell you it will help you a lot and think about it as your client list grows; you grow; then your brand grows therefore you can price your product on a higher scale because people trust you and know your good at what you do, so they won’t mind paying you what you want.

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