What Does Social Networking do for a business model? Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 26, 2008

The Web 2.0 has sprouted with blogs and blogs are great for numerous things such as sharing education information, communicating, and they can even be used to market your brand. Social networking is something that can really drive consumers to your brand because the best form of marketing sometimes or I should say is usually word of mouth which there again that depends.

If someone hits your website and you have a pretty good client list or at least one to provide. What this will do is build the consumers confidence in buying off you.  I mean it only makes sense right? Well I’d hope so, but lets get back to the social networking.

The thing is with social networking its a bit different the reason being is because when someone has referred you or talked about your brand highly through out groups of people then that builds major credibility towards your brand and gives it more trust because most generally when someone is talking about someones services there usually telling friends and even if there not at least you know you did your job and people is referring you.

The the thing in business if your good at what you do social networks will build and you can use blogs to build the community that will talk about you for example if you have 10,000 plus subscribers and there all know how good you are at what you do the chances of you being referred by people is very high and this is what blogs can do for you.

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