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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 10, 2008

Building a website that is full of compelling content can lead you into success (such as link bait, brand awareness, and etc). When a user visits your site and they see you have a ton of content or at least viral (valuable) content they will link to it or possibly spread it through social networks. And of course the more you have generally the better.

You know sometimes writing about new stuff (or at least finding new stuff to write about) can be a challenge at times unless it’s news related because most generally there’s always something new out there happening in the search world, but when it comes to educational type stuff that side can be a challenging. Some days I don’t even know what to write about out of all honesty – most generally when I feel like that its because I’m burned out, but lets get into the tips.

How can you build up new ideas for content creation?

  1. Subscribe to other community related blogs: Sometimes this can help, the more blogs you subscribe to the better. The reason I say recommend doing this for is because sometimes it can create new ideas for you to write about or you might come across something that is valuable to write about such as news in the SEO / SEM space.
  2. Your Work and Life: Every once and awhile blog about your personal life well if its relevant to what you do anyways. For example are you ever communicating with someone or doing something and you’ve learned something from it and it was half personal and half career like if so then blog about the experience. You might just help someone else out by blogging about it.
  3. Create Guide Books: Create something that is almost like a guide these always work and people like to read them for example create a post called, The Guide To Getting Top Rankings, who knows you might have a lot of people that will be highly interested in what you have wrote about, but reguardless the title always catches there eyes.
  4. Search Google: Do a search on Google and if you bump into something that you find interesting why not write about it (that’s what I’m doing now out of all honesty).
  5. Go To Forums: Sometimes this can be helpful I mean. It depends, for example, say you see an interesting discussion going on or maybe a lot of people are asking questions about SEO why not answer the question through your blog then maybe you can spread it through the forums :).
  6. Take Notes: Take notes of things you should blog about this can be very helpful I know it has helped me a few times I know some people that carry notebooks around or a PDA and they’ll take notes of stuff that happens daily and then figure out a way to apply it through there blog.
  7. Be Open: When blogging stay open with your mind don’t be closed minded if you are closed minded it will hurt you big time I do the same thing sometimes not becuase I’m a close minded person, but because I get burnt out and then I start to lose my openness to blogging, so therefore I become stubborn and pass a lot of good ideas up.

Creating blog ideas can be a challenging process sometimes, but honestly I think the most important thing is about blogging is keeping a open mind. If you have an open mind then you could probably blog every day, so if your a closed minded person you better learn to be open minded because that’s what blogs are about.

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