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By DeWitt's Media Inc April 6, 2008

I’m pretty burned out on writing and don’t really have much to write about today which I’ll continue to write of course, but I had a few ideas that crossed my head, so I figured I’d write about them.

One thing I wanted to write about is where you can find educational information on the web that can help you with your SEO / SEM campaigns. The reason I decided to pick this topic for is because I have had a quite of few clients ask me on where they can learn more about SEM / SEO.
What Blogs should you read?

  1. DeWitt’s Media – Yes of course you should read our blog on daily bases we cover numerous topics such as affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media, and you name it.
  2. SEOMOZ – Rand’s Blog he has done a very good job at building his blog it has a unique character just like every other blog and there blog has grown a *lot* since I first started reading it which was awhile back, but they cover numerous topics. Most of the topics they cover are SEO related they don’t really get into PPC well a little bit, but not like they do SEO, but either way its a great blog that’s for sure.
  3. Search Engine Land – Search Engine Land covers a lot of news which they do offer some educational information to, but honestly its more based around news that is related to Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  4. Super Affiliate Mindset – If you want to learn more about PPC (pay per click) and affiliates this is a must subscribe blog right here I have learned a lot from it.
  5. Search Engine Journal – SEJ is another news related blog, but then again it does cover numerous topics that are highly education such as link building techniques, content creation tips, blog building tips, and you name it.
  6. Matt Cutts – Now you have to subscribe to Matt’s blog I mean if not you’d be crazy every once and awhile he will offer some very good insight in the search world (FYI if you don’t know who Matt is he is ahead of the link spam team at Google).
  7. SEOBook – I almost forgot to list SEObook which is owned by Arron Wall who wrote the SEObook. Aaron covers numerous topics in the search world such as affiliates, PPC, and SEO.
  8. Jim Boykin – Jim who is CEO of webuildpages.com has a great blog well speaking he would write more he use to write all the time, but here lately he has not been writing, but every once and awhile he will offer some valuable insight that is related to link building.

There is a ton of SEO blogs out there, but the ones listed above are mainly the ones I read on day to day bases there a few other blogs I read to such as Google Adwords and etc, but you should check out the ones above. Keep in mind just from reading the blogs above I’m sure you will trail off into other direction such as finding more blogs that you might like.

Some people relate to other blogs better then what other people do, for example you might like SEOMOZ blog, but you like Search Engine Journal and vice versa just depends on what you click with. Just find a blog that you can relate to and participate in that community.

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