Write Meta Descriptions for Users not For Search Engines Read On »
By DeWitt's Media Inc March 5, 2008

One thing I notice when I consult with clients is that they always play around with there titles and description tags they think just because they have a keyword rich description there going to rank better well the answer to that is no I mean it really won’t help that much out of all honesty it might have a 1 percent effect on a non competitive keyword ranking, but for more competitive keyword ranking it won’t make a difference.

The idea is to write your description for users not for search engines. When you write your description for users this will improve your overall CTR (Click Through Rate) thereofre resulting in more sales. If your wanting to rank build links or create viral content that will attract links don’t just go out spamming your description tags out because if your doing this chances of you getting very good profitable traffic will be never.

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